Terms & Conditions

Entire Agreement:

This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties (Mascot Media, LLC is referred to as “Mascot Media”) and its affiliates(Great Texas Sports, Five Star Sports, Sideline Access). Unless a written addendum is signed by both an authorized agent of Mascot Media and Advertiser and/or kept on file in the Mascot Media Business Office no representations are made or relied upon by either party other than those set forth in this contract.


All advertisements are accepted and published upon representation that the party placing such material is authorized to publish any and all such materials.


All accounts are due and payable within thirty days of ad purchase unless prior credit has been established or invoice date has been extended. If Advertiser has not fulfilled payment commitments, scheduled ads may be delayed or not be published at the sole discretion of Mascot Media.

NSF Checks:

Nonsufficient funds checks will be subject to a charge up to $25 and all other remedies provided by law.

Ad Content:

The content of advertisements is subject to Mascot Media’s approval. Mascot Media reserves the right to edit, omit or refuse any advertising submitted for publication. Mascot Media shall not be liable for any costs or damages, if for any reason Mascot Media fails to publish an advertisement. Mascot Media will make reasonable efforts to ensure that ads contain neither incorrect information nor omissions. Proofs will be provided to each Advertiser prior to publication of an ad if the Advertiser has provided Mascot Media with material no later than thirty days before printing.  Reasonable efforts will be made to provide proofs for ads received within thirty days before printing.  If a mistake in published advertising occurs (including but not limited to omission, copy error, or size error), and is the fault of Mascot Media, Advertiser remedies will be limited to whichever of the following is appropriate at the sole discretion of Mascot Media: For paid ads, an insertion of a “make-good” advertisement on the next available publication; or cancellation of unpaid charges for the portion of the ad rendered valueless by the error at the sole discretion of Mascot Media. Mascot Media will assume no other responsibility for mistakes and the Advertiser expressly agrees that a contract shall not be invalidated by mistakes.
Advertiser represents through their submission of ad copy, that they are fully licensed and approved to use the ad content that they may provide to Mascot Media. In this representation the Advertiser fully indemnifies Mascot Media, it’s employees, and affiliates, of any harm brought about from the publication of the ad content provided.

Reserved ad space/Submission of Copy:

Ad Copy submission is the responsibility of the Advertiser. In addition, the accuracy of the Ad Copy is the responsibility of the Advertiser.  If by the press date Mascot Media has not received copy that, in Mascot Media’s sole discretion is deemed suitable for publication, Mascot Media will repeat copy from Advertiser’s last insertion. If there is no previous insertion, space will be allocated at Mascot Media’s discretion. In any event, Advertiser is responsible for the space reserved.


Advertiser has the right to cancel this agreement at any time within fifteen (15) days of the date of this agreement by written notice to Mascot Media.  After fifteen (15) days, the ad is non cancellable and Advertiser is responsible for the entire cost of advertising. In the event of a school ending their agreement with Mascot Media, Mascot Media will provide all paid Advertisers with a poster or substitute an equivalent product {in lieu of a refund} at the sole discretion of Mascot Media.

Transfer of Contracts:

This advertising contract is not transferable. Should the Advertiser’s business change hands, all balances due are the responsibility of the contracting Advertiser.


In the event of a school and Mascot Media ending their agreement for any reason, Mascot Media will provide all paid Advertisers for that school with a poster or substitute an equivalent product for all paid seasons at the sole discretion of Mascot Media.