“The Bentonville Public Schools Athletic Department recently set a goal to increase revenue through media guides and advertisement promotions. We have more than exceeded our goals and expectations for the school year. The Bentonville Athletic Department would like to say “Thank You” to Mascot Media for all of their efforts in helping our district achieve our revenue goals. Mascot Media was a vital part of our success!”


Scott Passmore, Athletic Director
Bentonville High School

“Mascot Media has been a beneficial partner of the Union Athletic Department for the last several years for our ticketing and poster needs. Mascot Media provides exceptional customer services which makes the communication process an easy one. The unique and creative posters that Mascot Media produces allows us to proudly showcase our student-athletes and sports schedules. Likewise, the ticketing products are designed for ease of use which proves to be beneficial, not only when selling tickets but also taking tickets.”


Emily Barkley
Union Public Schools

“I have been doing tickets for Valdosta High School for the past 20 years. Our program is proud to have the distinction of being the winningest high school football team in the nation. I must say Mascot Media is the most accommodating company I have dealt with over the past 20 years. Their tickets and posters are second to none. Not a single error was found in our ticket venue. What I liked most about the tickets, you can design them yourself. We had many compliments from our fans regarding the professional look of the tickets.
Another unique feature about Mascot Media is that they obtain a sponsor for your tickets. I would highly recommend Mascot Media if you are looking for a printer of tickets and posters for your athletic program. Valdosta High School will surely use them again for our tickets and posters.”


Terry Daniel
Valdosta City School System

“Hutchinson High School is excited for the launch of the NIAAA National High School Sports App. Having one location for access to schedules, rosters, news articles and broadcasts as well as links to our social media accounts is an easy way to connect with our fans! The app is easy to use and will be a popular download for Salthawk fans and alumni all over the nation.”

Eric Armstrong, CAA
Hutchinson High School, Hutchinson, Kansas

“You have managed to carve out the last remaining space in mobile by offering a powerful service to both the high schools and parents while supporting high school athletics across the country. Great job, every school should use this free service to advance their sports program and offer hands-on experience to their students.”

Brad Ford, Parent
Memphis, TN

“Having the addition of the NIAAA app will increase our communication to our Newton Cardinal fans across the country. Connecting with alumni, parents, family, and friends is a great advantage in our fundraising efforts! Mobile communication is the future of interscholastic athletics and the NIAAA app provides high schools the tools to market our teams, increase public relations, increase our brand, and raise revenue to provide our student-athletes a great high school experience.”

Scott Garvis, Director of Athletics & Activities
Newton High School, Newton, IA

“The app is easy to use and a great resource to keep your parents and community involved. Paper schedules are a thing of the past, and everyone can contribute to your Athletic Department’s promotion! Looking forward to seeing how this evolves and improves as we get better at utilizing it.”

Brian Conn, Athletic Director
Ida Baker High School, Cape Coral, Florida

“As an assistant Athletic Director looking to promote athletes and help communication, the Mascot Media family is outstanding! Their service is second to none and the product of their website besides being user-friendly looks like a division 1 collegiate website. They are extremely helpful in helping me put in data and always are quick with “same day” responses. They are very courteous and open to improvements and corrections. I have had three ideas that I thought would be helpful to me and my program and all three have been implemented.”

Terry Hughes, Assistant Athletic Director
Bartlesville High School

“Thanks so much for putting this app together. Our friends and fans are really excited about it! The “Sideline Access” that this service provides brings the fans right to our front porch. Great job!”

Amy Molina, Athletic & Recreation Director
U-32 Raiders, Montpelier, Vermont

“After working with and benefitting from Mascot Media’s offerings for several years, I have found all of their products to be of consistently excellent quality. The staffs’ attention to detail, response to our needs and great patience have made them a pleasure to work with. Mascot Media’s great designs, prompt schedule delivery, and dividend payments are a pleasant surprises in today’s business climate. I can confidently give them a sincere “5 Star” rating!”

Doug Killgore, CMAA

“I couldn’t be happier with the website that Mascot Media created for our athletic department. It is sharp and professional looking. A real eye catcher.”

Phil Tisa, Athletic Director,
South Walton High School