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Benny Eaves, AD, Mountain Brook (AL)

I can say without reservation that when we deal with vendors, it really hinges on the relationship.  And I know that we have a really good relationship with Mascot Media. More

Mike Lee, AD, Bryant Public Schools (AR)

Mascot Media helps us feel valued and their service backs that up. More

Vito Chiaralloti, AD, Christian Brothers Academy (NJ)

Without Mascot Media we would not have the same online presence. More

Sandra Howell, AD, Little Elm (TX)

It’s easy to highlight your student athletes. More

Presenting Sponsor – James Miller of Gwatney Chevrolet

We feel like we are a part of that community and to be able to give back....and give them the opportunity to enhance their experience at the high school level. More

Blue Devil Network

A senior has found his calling with the Blue Devil Network in live streaming games. He hopes to pursue a career in the field and would like to return to the Academies of West Memphis after college to lead and teach a Media Production Program. Thanks for providing a forum for him to shine. More