Our Purpose

To connect communities across the country to their favorite high school athletics program.

Our Mission

We strive to help schools reach their full potential by providing empowering technology and products that:

Enhance the athletic experience.
Connect athletic programs to their community.
Elevate their brand to propel their program to new levels.

Our Vision

To create a Sports Network for every athletic department across the country.

Our Values

Building Relationships.

We’re more than what we make.  We bring together communities and businesses, forging partnerships that elevate athletic brands.  our success is driven by our ability to build relationships with our partners and develop solutions that work for their individual needs.

Cultivating Collaboration.

Closely-knit teams prove greater than the sum of their parts.  On a team where members share their progress and ideas, we create a collaborative environment where each team member is heard, valued, and respected.

Changing the Game.

We challenge ourselves to continuously improve our products and performance by embracing and driving change.  We never want to embrace the ordinary and settle on what just “works.”  We’re here to achieve the extraordinary for our schools and partners.

Who We Are

Mascot Media has been in the business of connecting athletics to the communities that rally behind them for over two decades. We do this by providing high-quality print and Digital Products with advertising featuring area sponsors. Each product we create is tailored to the school’s needs and designed to fully elevate their athletic program.

We strive to help schools reach their full potential by providing products that: enhance the athletic experience, connect athletic programs to their community, and elevate their brand to propel their program to new levels.

Mascot Media is an industry leader that specializes in bringing athletic programs into the next generation through digital media. We make it easy for schools, organizations, and groups to have a powerful brand presence and produce engaging stories for their fans by providing digital solutions that work for every school, regardless of size. Our products enable passionate high school athletics fans to connect to their favorite teams through their school’s Sports Network. We leverage the strength of high school teams to help advertisers associate with local communities and reach their target audience.

By partnering with us, schools have the power to take control of their brand and content – and reach thousands of fans by streaming their events on their very own app and website.  In addition, schools gain the ability to access a variety of advertising and fundraising sources.



Join the Team!

Mascot Media is an equal opportunity employer. Mascot Media welcomes applications without regard to age, race, gender (including pregnancy), national origin, disability, religion, marital or parental status, protected veteran status, military service, genetic information, sexual orientation or gender identity.