Did you know you can steam with just an iPad and a tripod? Our broadcasting service allows your student led broadcast team to reach a worldwide audience. We are also partnered with several streaming providers and can link them directly into your platform. You can even use your broadcast platform to stream other events like graduation, concerts, award ceremonies, and more!

Integrate Your Current Provider

Already using a streaming service? No problem! You can connect your broadcasts directly into our apps and websites – giving your fans an official platform for YOUR program.

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CTE Approved

Our products are a great complement to any AV, Journalism, or Broadcasting class. Your students will gain valuable skills and national exposure while your school gets accreditation for the courses you offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we generate revenue?

All in-broadcast ads, sponsors, instant replay ads, pre-game, post-game, line up, and audio plugs sold and fulfilled by the school are 100% retained by the school. We provide you with a Commercial Advertising Package to empower your staff, boosters and students to generate annual recurring revenue for your program. We can even assist in the management of these ads and provide business services to save you time.

Do I have to stream through Mascot Media?

No, but if you want your broadcasts on the apps and websites we manage, your service provider will need to provide us with a compatible audio & video format.

Will my fans have to pay to watch our broadcasts?

This is dependent upon your streaming provider. If you use the Mascot Media streaming service without an additional provider, we do not do Pay-per-View or Subscriptions to access your content.

What can we broadcast? Any limits?

We want you to broadcast everything that runs, dribbles, tackles or dives. You can broadcast as many sports as you want, we have no restrictions on the number of events or viewers. Football is the most common sport to be broadcasted, but what about Volleyball, Boys & Girls Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Cross-Country or even Dance Competitions? Soon, high schools will be broadcasting their entire athletic programs games, events, and shows building a community audience like the pros.