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How Marion School District Increased Sponsorships & Built Their Brand

In 2019, Marion High School was in the perfect position to expand its brand and community support. The football team was about to have its biggest season in 15 years, basketball was 2 years removed from having its first state championship, and baseball won its first conference championship.

Combine that with a new administration’s commitment to extracurricular activities and branding, and you get an organization that was ready to take the next step to elevate their athletic program.

Marion High School, located just west of Memphis, TN, is a school well-known for its sports programs and its community’s loyalty to the school. Its proximity to interstate highways allows it to be a part of major events in Memphis, but because of its small size, it retains the community feel of a small town. It has a full-time athletic department with an experienced coaching staff and the facilities and equipment to train athletes to perform at their highest potential.

Marion adopted their website in 2017. In 2019, Mascot Media awarded Marion their Custom App after they won the 5A state basketball championship. Their Sports Network has created astounding results since its introduction.