Choosing the right tickets for school events plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and successful athletics experience.

At Mascot Media, we offer a diverse range of tickets types to cater to the unique needs of any school. In this guide, we'll walk you through the various tickets we provide and help you make an informed decision for your next event.

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stack tickets for school events

Stack Tickets

  • Best For: All-sport, sport-specific, game-specific events, prom, theatre
  • Specifications: 1.85”w by 6”h.

Versatile and visually appealing, stack tickets are suitable for all-sport, sport-specific, or game-specific events. Ideal for promoting a variety of school activities, including proms and theatre events.

sheet tickets for school events

Sheet Tickets

  • Best For: Season tickets and reserved seating.
  • Specifications: 9.25”w by 12”h.

Perfect for season tickets and reserved seating, sheet tickets offer a larger canvas to showcase your school’s athletic program effectively. A good solution for schools with a rich sports culture, supporting up to 10 games per sheet.



  • Best For: Sideline & press box passes
  • Specifications: Inserts are 2.75”w by 3.75”h; Badge holders are 3”w by 4”h. Includes: badge holder & lanyard (if needed).

Credentials add a professional touch and are commonly used for sideline and press box passes. A secure and convenient option for managing access to restricted areas during events.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits

  • Best For: Reserved parking, faculty, and student parking.
  • Specifications: Available in horizontal and vertical. Horizontal dimensions: 5.25”w by 2.25”h; Vertical Dimensions: 3.25”w by 6”h.

For reserved parking, faculty, and student parking, parking permits offer both horizontal & vertical options that fit behind rearview mirrors for easy identification for authorized vehicles.

Thick Pass Cards

Thick Pass Cards

  • Best For: Family, district, all sport, or reserved seating passes. Includes the cardholder’s name if received in advance
  • Specifications: 3.5”w by 2”h; 30 mil plastic (credit card thickness).

Our durable thick pass cards are commonly used for family, district, all sport, or reserved seating passes. Featuring a 30 mil plastic construction, they provide long-lasting access control for special events.

Thin Pass Cards

Thin Pass Cards

  • Best For: Punch cards, single season, and all sports. Includes the cardholder’s name if received in advance.
  • Specifications: 3.5″w by 2″h;14 mil plastic.

Lightweight and versatile, thin pass cards are ideal for punch cards, single-season, and all-sport access. A slim and easy-to-carry alternative for various entry options at school events.

Student IDs

Student IDs

  • Features: Spot for photo
  • Specifications: 3.5”w by 2”h; 30 mil plastic (credit card thickness).

Student ID cards are an administrative necessity. Let us help you cover the cost of the cards themselves by putting a sponsor on the back. We can even accommodate any required hotline information alongside the sponsor info.

roll tickets for school events

Roll Tickets

  • Best For: General event, all sport, or sport-specific
  • Specifications: 1.75”w by 5”h on a roll

Roll tickets provide a dynamic and customizable solution for various events, ensuring manageability, ease of use, flexibility in design to perfectly match the unique themes of your school events.

tic card tickets for school events


  • Best For: General event, all sport, or sport-specific.
  • Specifications: 2.5”w by 3.5”h; comes with dispensers

Playing card-sized tic-card tickets, which come with dispensers for efficient distribution, are convenient for any event.



  • Best For: General and student admission.
  • Specifications: 0.75”w by 10”h; choose from 6 colors – black text only

An easy and effective gate management solution, offering hassle-free and easily-identifiable admission.

minion tickets for school events

Minion Tickets

  • Best For: General events, all sport, or sport-specific
  • Specifications: 1.25”w by 3.5”h.

Customizable and versatile, minion tickets are smaller in size and can be used for general admission, sport-specific events, or any other purpose.

Key Tags

Key Tags

  • Best For: Student passes or season passes
  • Specifications: 1.75”w by 5”h with key-ring

Convenient and portable, key tags offer an accessible solution for students and fans in varying quantities.

Choosing the right ticket type depends on the nature of your event, the level of customization desired, and the specific needs of your audience.

Whether you're organizing a high-energy sports game, an elegant prom night, or a community-wide event, Mascot Media has a variety of tickets for school events. Explore our ticket options and reach out to our team below for personalized assistance in making your event a memorable success.